Experienced Assessors - our consultants are experienced interviewers. We accurately  pre-screen and fully brief candidates for your opportunity ensuring that you will only ever interview candidates who are a close match for the job.
Candidate Experience - We professionally manage each  candidate experience from start to finish. We ensure that your Company is reflected in the best possible light regardless of outcome. We protect your recruitment Brand.
Retained vs. Contingency - Whilst we undertake assignments on both a retained and contingency basis we have a strong preference  towards retained recruitment. We work hard to meet your expectations and believe  that this is where we add the most value .

Client Services

Recruiting high calibre professionals is a tough challenge, when outsourcing your recruitment it is important that you enlist the services of experts - People who know the industry and who are able to find the best candidate for the job.

​Partnership - We work alongside your in-house recruitment and HR teams. We adopt  your in-house systems and processes thereby making our service a seamless and  flexible addition to your day-to--day activities.
Industry Experts - With over 20 years experience of recruiting for the TMT sector we really can boast that we are industry experts . We understand your business, the market dynamics, industry trends and competitive landscape.
Subject Matter Specialists - We focus on recruiting for a few niche areas within your business: Sales Operations, Commercial Management and Marketing. Our candidate network reflects this. We can provide insight into salary levels, skill shortages and the best way to attract the perfect candidate for the job.